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Benson: Cold Storage

Benson: Checkmate

Benson: The Fireside Chat

Benson: Power Play

Benson: In High Places

Benson: The Kraus Affair

Benson: One Strike, You’re Out

Benson: Just Friends

Benson: Conflict of Interest

Benson: Snowbound

Benson: Taylor’s Bid

Benson: The Apartment

Benson: The Army Wants You

Benson: Change (Pilot)

Benson: The Layoff

Benson: Ghost Story

Benson: Don’t Quote Me

Benson: The President’s Double

Benson: Chain of Command

Benson: Benson in Love

Benson: Takin’ It to the Streets

Benson: Old School Ties

Benson: First Lady

Benson: Benson’s Groupie

Benson: Jessica

Benson: Big Buddy

Benson: Citizen Kraus

Benson: Fool’s Gold

Benson: Benson in the Hospital

Benson: Masquerade

Benson: War Stories